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About Us

We know that the best technology can enrich lives

MyBuzz exists because we love driving new technology and creating innovative products that people love to use

All About The Buzz!

Years of experience delivering technology solutions

Who are we?

Matt and Chris are the backbone of MyBuzz Technologies. Combining technical and customer expertise.

Our first app, MyShiftPlanner, was built to address the need of shift workers who were struggling to keep track of their assigned work rotas. The app has evolved to include such a wide range of features, including work/time reporting, annual leave tracking, pay calculations etc.

Over the 10 years we have gained a strong reputation for the quality of our support, flexibility of our products and extensive market fit for shift working.

In 2023, following many user requests, we developed and released a new business-focused team scheduling tool to work alongside MyShiftPlanner, called MyShiftManager.

This is a web-based tool designed for shift team managers, providing easy to use tools to manage, schedule and quickly distribute shift rotas.


What do we do?

Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of the shift working space . To that end, we create innovative solutions for shift working needs.

With MyShiftPlanner and MyShiftManager, you have full team tracking in your pocket. So that your teams never miss a shift, while you never miss a trick when it comes to tracking team whereabouts and client fulfilment.

Why we do it

Our ethos is about creating technology that makes a real difference. We’re passionate about it.

We want to work collaboratively with other businesses to change the shift work industry for ever. We see so often that shift work managers are still using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their workers. With our suite of shift work solutions, we want to make spreadsheets a thing of the past

How we work with you

We want to offer you the first chance of trialing the new MyShiftManager with your team for FREE

As a brand new product on the market, we’re constantly evolving our solution for shift managers. Start your free 30-day trial of MyShiftManager now and ensure you’re the first to gain access to new time and cost-saving features.

Why Us?

We're aiming to help shift managers as much as we've helped shift workers over the years. We have a unique view on the shift work industry. Over 2 million shift workers have downloaded our app, giving us a clear view of their needs and struggles.

We want to work with shift work managers to help them streamline scheduling, reduce the impact of missed shifts, provide instant information and help supervisors manage problems before they arise.


Technology that makes a real difference

Users love the convenience of technology. That’s why we created the myshiftplanner app, so that shift workers could have a vital tool in their pockets at all times.

We aim to reduce those pains, and deliver a platform that makes a real difference.


Chris Pimlott

Founder & Managing Director

Founder of the MyShiftPlanner shift working app. With 20 years of software development, team management and project delivery experience across the tech industry, Chris has successfully designed, developed and launched products loved by users around the world.

Matt Jones

Commercial Director

Matt manages our operations, technical support and client management. Having run his own marketing consultancy, Matt is our in-house expert in understanding markets, devising and evolving effective strategies and delivering high impact messaging to capture new users and drive sales.

Garry Diver


Garry has owned and managed technology businesses for over 40 years. He brings a wealth of experience and business accumen to the team.

Supporting Tech Business

We're proud to have been mentors for Tech Manchester for the last three years. During that time we've helped other tech start-ups evolve and grow their businesses

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