About Us

We know that mobile technology can enrich lives

MyBuzz exists because we love driving new technology and creating innovative products that people love to use

All About The Buzz!

Years of experience delivering technology solutions

Who are we?

Matt and Chris from MyBuzz for an integrated consulting team, combining technical and customer expertise. We've created and marketed great products, such as MyShiftPlanner. But we also help businesses who want to create new, exciting technology products and experiences. From creative apps to web-based technology, we can work with you from vision to delivery, to help you create the best solutions for your users. Our goal is to help businesses operate more effectively, grow in a sustainable way and adapt quickly to the ever-changing mobile technology landscape.

What do we do?

We combine the best experience in strategy, design, planning, marketing and product delivery to help you create innovative solutions for your user’s needs. With many years’ experience across technology and marketing, we can bring fresh perspectives to your biggest challenge and help you create solutions that make your users buzz!

We work alongside you and your team, to help you plan your vision. We then help you design the best user experience and can project manage the development and marketing of your new technology solution. With over 20years experience in the software industry, we know what projects need to make them really buzz!

How we work with you

We combine the skills of our team to offer an integrated service that can help your project flow from vision to delivery.

From a technical side we offer outsourced CTO / Technical Delivery, new product vision -> delivery strategy, team structuring for successful product management and delivery, transforming C-level vision to product delivery

From a marketing side, outsourced Marketing director, market review for existing product or new products & sectors, competitor analysis, strategy review and creation (against business requirements), existing user review and feedback capture exercise, product marketing effectiveness review.

Why we do it

Our ethos is about creating technology that makes a real difference. We’re passionate about it. And working collaboratively with other businesses to create enduring value for clients.

Why Us?

Cost – the cost of engaging MyBuzz to help your project is considerably less than engaging full-time staff or long-term contractors. For the cost of a six months contracting a junior developer, MyBuzz deliver a 100K+ high-value team.

Experience – MyBuzz have the experience of delivering successful products to market, including our own MyShiftPlanner app.

Expertise – wide ranging expertise in marketing and technology.

Mobile Technology Specialists

Users love the convenience of mobile technology. That’s why we created the MyShiftPlanner app, so that shift workers could have a vital tool in their pockets at all times. We love mobile projects that make a real difference. We have the expertise to help you create mobile apps that deliver those great experiences. But delivery isn’t enough, in the crowded app stores, you need the right marketing strategy to make sure your app reaches your users and stays at the top of the rankings.


We can guide you through the process of creating superb, leading, mobile app solutions

Chris Pimlott

Owner & MD

Founder of the MyShiftPlanner shift working app. With 20 years of software development, team management and project delivery experience across the tech industry, Chris has successfully designed, developed and launched products loved by users around the world.

Matt Jones

Marketing Director

Matt manages our operations, technical support and client management. Having run his own marketing consultancy, Matt is our in-house expert in understanding markets, devising and evolving effective strategies and delivering high impact messaging to capture new users and drive sales.

Supporting Tech Business

We're proud to have been mentors for Tech Manchester for the last three years. During that time we've helped other tech start-ups evolve and grow their businesses


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