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Who we are

We are app developers who love birthdays, house warmings, baby showers and other events with friends and family but hate how complicated and time-consuming it can be to get the right gifts of all those people we love. My Gift Buddy was created as a way to help us (and you) to make gift buying easier this year and every year from now on!

My Gift Buddy is created, supported and managed by MyBuzz Technologies Ltd who are experts at creating great mobile apps, web apps and quality software products.

Our app is available for free to download on the App Stores and our website address is:


Why do we collect data and what do we use it for?

So that our app can work at all, it needs basic information about your device, network settings (so it can talk to our servers) and optionally to other service providers for the purpose of showing adverts and tracking user activity for security and performance reasons.

These are essential items that the app requires in order to work at all, and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Data Use policy and Privacy Policy when you sign up, you are agreeing to let us access this information. Exactly what you’re signing up for will be made clear before you do. **None of this will contain personal information.**

To take the app further, to provide a more tailored and personalised experience and to help us in the protect against cyber crime, theft of data and other malicious activities that can happen to any app, you can optionally provide extra details which may be more personal, such as your name. These are securely stored on our servers and used only for the purposes we describe in the section below.

We **NEVER** ask for more information than we need to provide the experience you’d like, we **NEVER** share or sell this (or any other) information we store with third parties for marketing purposes, except to the advertising partners who are strictly bound by law and agreements.


What we and our Partners Collect

We collect:
* Your name from your login account
* Basic use of the app, including any crashes or errors
* Names of people you ask for gift requests
* Make, model and OS of your device
* Your IP address and country where the app is used

Our advertising partners (Google):
* Previous search activity
* Your activity while you were signed in to Google
* Your previous interactions with ads
* Types of websites you visit
* Types of mobile app activity on your device
* Your activity on another device
* The time of day
* Info you gave to an advertiser, like if you signed up for a newsletter with your email address


How your data is used

We use your name within the app to personalise it for you, and in messages
when you send gift idea requests to others so they know who it’s from.

The information we store about those you send messages to is kept solely for that purpose so
you can manage these requests within the app. We never use this data for anything else.

If you opt into Analytics we collect details about your phone and use of the app to
monitor how the app is being used for security and performance purposes, to identify and fix errors
and to improve your experience of the app.

We do NOT use the data you provide for marketing purposes nor do we sell or share this data with third parties.
Our technology and advertising partners collect their own data from your device and use of the app (but not any of the data
you enter into the app itself). They act as Data Processors and are under strict terms related to how they can use it.

They will use the data they collect to personalize ads shown to you within the app. You can opt out of this personalisation of ads at any time within the Settings of your phone.To find out more, tap below to view the full Privacy Policy.

To find out more about what Google and our advertising partners collect and how they use your data, please see this link:




To fund the development, support and running of the app, we show adverts at certain points. These adverts are provided through Google Admob. Google source adverts from partner companies who wish to advertise, but are filtered so as not to show anything that would not suit the audience this app is intended for. Without showing ads, we would not be able to provide the app to you.

The above section details exactly what information is collected by Google and shared with its partners in order to provide ads suitable to you.

On your phone is a special token called an IDFA (Advertising ID) which is used by advertisers to track what you’re interested in so that more interesting and appropriate ads can be shown to you. This is done automatically through the Ad provider (Google). If you’ve ever looked at a product online then seen the same item be advertised in a different app, that’s due to the IDFA token.

If you prefer not to see personalised adverts in the apps, you can turn off Advertising Tracking in the Settings app of your phone.
**This won’t remove ads from the app, it’ll simply make them less relevant to you.**

*Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking (turn this on)*


Contact and Feedback Forms

The app provides a convenient contact form through which you can contact us. This may be done via a form on our website but the same policies apply.

The information entered into this form is used to form an email which is sent to our customer care team, but is then immediately discarded from the app.

The information you provide will be kept in our email or help desk system for the duration of our contact with you. We will use this information in order to service your query, question or request which may include responses by email to you. Your personal details will never be used for marketing purposes, such as mailing lists unless you explicitly opt into doing so.


Who we share your data with

We treat your data with respect and will never share your details with any third parties except the advertising partners mentioned earlier.
For full details of those advertising partners and how they use your data, see this page:


How long we retain your data

Once sign up to our app, your data will be stored indefinitely so you can come back at any time.

If you choose to, you can **Delete your account** using the option in the User Profile screen, which is available from the app menu.
This will delete all your requests, any ideas sent to you from those you send requests to, your account and all related information. This has also been provided as part of our compliance with the *right to be forgotten* requirements.


What rights you have over your data

Your data is yours and we will store it in order to provide the services of our app to you and those you interact with. At any time you can choose to delete your account which will remove your account and your personal data from our servers unless we are required to retain it to comply with government or legal authorities.

You can also make a direct request to us by email or in writing to erase your personal data and account, which we will action within 1 working day for you.
You also have the right to request a document showing what data we store about you. This is referred to as a *Subject Access Request* and must be done in writing by email or letter. All subject access requests will be responded to within 7 working days and may incur a small administration fee of £10 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency).

If you wish to have your data exported or removed, please contact our customer care team at: who will be happy to assist.


Where we send your data

All data is currently stored on Google’s servers in UK data centres. If you are using the app in a different country, your data will be sent into the UK and stored in those servers.


Contact information

The data controller is:

Chris Pimlott
MyBuzz Technologies Ltd
2 Mount Street
M2 5WQ
United Kingdom

If you would like to contact us, please do so in writing or by email to: